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Beall Christine, Jaffe Rochelle. Concrete and Masonry Databook

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Beall Christine, Jaffe Rochelle. Concrete and Masonry Databook
McGraw-Hill, 2003. — 721 p. — ISBN 0-07-136154-5
Американское руководство по каменным и армокаменным конструкциям.
It's all here: the concrete and masonry information you need to work more efficiently, avoid costly problems and mistakes, minimize risk, reduce waste… and maximize profits! Industry experts Christine Beall and Rochelle Jaffe save you countless hours of searching through dozens of manuals or esoteric pamphlets, presenting the data in a quick-find, straightforward, heavily illustrated format. You get fingertip access to valuable practice tools and job-simplifying material, including more than 1000 tables, charts, graphs, and line drawings…guidance on thermal, fire, and weather resistance…current ASTM, ACI, and TMS standards… UBC, MSJC, and IBC code requirements… essential concrete and masonry data… listings of industry standards.
You can count on thorough, detailed coverage of key topics, including: products and materials; mortar, grout, and concrete mixes; form work and reinforcements; site and landscape elements; wall and floor systems; and much more. Invaluable for those working in both the commercial and residential markets, here is the single definitive volume on concrete and masonry.
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