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McHugh Shayna. Espresso English Podcast. Part 2

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Shayna Oliveira, 2015. —
Level: Intermediate
American English.
The explanations are given in English, so it is assumed that the listener already has a level of intermediate.
Part 2 :
- British English vs. American English Vocabulary
- Talking about the Future: Will or Going To?
- English Expressions for Extreme Emotion
- Phrasal Verbs for Romantic Relationships
- Common Collocations with TIME
- How to Disagree Politely in English
- Speaking Fluent English: My Top 10 Tips
- Difference between Big, Large, Long, Tall, Short, Huge, and Tiny
- Difference between JUST and ONLY
- 10 Interesting "Water" Idioms
- 18 Phrasal Verbs with TAKE
- One Word, Two Pronunciations, Two Meanings
- 8 Very Confusing Verbs in English
- 10 English Words Ending in -FUL
- 10 English Words Ending in -LESS
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