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Keil F.J. (Ed.) Modeling of Process Intensification

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Keil F.J. (Ed.) Modeling of Process Intensification
Weinheim: Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. – 2007. – 421 p. Process intensification has been on the upswing since a review written by A. Stankiewicz and J. Moulijn was issued in 2000. Meanwhile, companies and academia are addressing problems in process intensification, organizing workshops and even establishing departments on this subject. Process intensification is a very broad discipline and includes expertise in many diverse fields. It is applied to the development of novel apparatuses and techniques that either dramatically improve chemical or biological processes with respect to reduced equipment size, increased energy efficiency, less waste production, improved inherent safety, or even break new ground in process engineering by introducing newly developed equipment and production procedures. The present book focuses on modeling in process intensification. Experts in various areas of process intensification, from both industry and academia, have contributed to this book, which does not cover all the developments in this field; rather it demonstrates the activities in modeling or some representative problems. New equipment like microreactors, membrane reactors, ultrasound reactors, and those in simulated moving-bed chromatography, magnetic fields in multiphase processes or reactive distillation, requires new modeling approaches. The same applies to nonstationary process operation or the se of supercritical media. Process intensification is an emerging discipline that will result in many surprising developments in the future.
List of Contributors
Modeling of Process Intensification – An Introduction and Overview
Process Intensification – An Industrial Point of View
Modeling and Simulation of Microreactors
Modeling and Simulation of Unsteady-state-operated Trickle-flow Reactors
Packed-bed Membrane Reactors
The Focused Action of Surface Tension versus the Brute Force of Turbulence – Scaleable Microchannel-based Process Intensification using Monoliths
Chemical Reaction Modeling in Supercritical Fluids in Special Consideration of Reactions in Supercritical Water
Ultrasound Reactors
Modeling of Simulated Moving-bed Chromatography
Modeling of Reactive Distillation
Experimental and Theoretical Explorations of Weak- and Strong-gradient Magnetic Fields in Chemical Multiphase Processes
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