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Hilfer R. Applications Of Fractional Calculus In Physics

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Hilfer R. Applications Of Fractional Calculus In Physics
Singapore: World Scientific, 2000. - 463p.
Fractional calculus is a collection of relatively little-known mathematical results concerning generalizations of differentiation and integration to noninteger orders. While these results have been accumulated over centuries in various branches of mathematics, they have until recently found little appreciation or application in physics and other mathematically oriented sciences. This situation is beginning to change, and there are now a growing number of research areas in physics which employ fractional calculus. This volume provides an introduction to fractional calculus for physicists, and collects easily accessible review articles surveying those areas of physics in which applications of fractional calculus have recently become prominent
Table of contents :
An Introduction to Fractional Calculus
Fractional Time Evolution
Fractional Powers of Infinitesimal Generators of Semigroups
Fractional Differences, Derivatives and Fractal Time Series
Fractional Kinetics of Hamiltonian Chaotic Systems
Polymer Science Applications of Path-Integration, Integral Equations, and Fractional Calculus
Applications to Problems in Polymer Physics and Rheology
Applications of Fractional Calculus Techniques to Problems in Biophysics
Fractional Calculus and Regular Variation in Thermodynamics.
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