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Within William J. Rothwell. Effective Succession Planning. Ensuring Leadership Continuity and Building Talent

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Within William J. Rothwell. Effective Succession Planning. Ensuring Leadership Continuity and Building Talent
4th edition. — AmacomPublication, 2010. — 496 p.
If you're looking for a quick, easy, and fun guide to constantly cultivating from within your organization the talent to move up and fill positions left behind by others, don't look here. Written by a human resources expert who teaches at Penn State, Effective Succession Planning must surely be one of the driest books ever written on this topic, from its aggressively unsexy title and jacket to its college-textbook format and arsenal of supplementary checklists, flowcharts, and exercises.
Having said that, it's also probably one of the most thorough books on the topic (and a fine complement to The Leadership Pipeline), incorporating methodical and meticulous guidelines to preparing for and quickly filling crucial vacancies at all levels of the organization, from top management to sales, administrative, technical, and production positions. Not only does it lay out a plan for instituting a long-term succession planning program that includes everything from early action steps to ongoing evaluation and revision, it also shows how to develop, monitor, and evaluate talent and skills in individual employees in order to promote effectively from within (although it acknowledges that sometimes the best choices come from outside, and offers key steps for optimizing the outside-search process as well).
Everything is covered here, from the legal implications of hiring and firing and online and high-tech resources to major trends that will affect succession planning in the years ahead. And, thank god, the author has incorporated some case studies-both fictional/composite and those of several large real-life companies-to add some names and faces to a volume that's about as dry as the Sahara, and (for human-resource professionals, at least) potentially as welcome as a fresh supply of water if you happened to be stuck in such a place. -Timothy Murphy
Product Description
Organizations that don't take steps to plan for future talent needs at all levels, will face certain disruptions, and even disasters, when key employees leave. Still the most comprehensive and authoritative book on the subject, this new edition of Effective Succession Planning presents strategies for creating a complete, systematic succession planning program. Updated and expanded to reflect the latest trends and best practices in succession management, the book contains 20 per cent new material, including chapters on recruitment and retention as part of succession planning, as well as updated references and research. The book also includes a CD-Rom filled with worksheets, assessment tools, and training guides.everything readers need to help lead their organizations into the future.
"a valuable resource." - HR Professional
"If you're leading the succession planning charge in your company, you can find most anything you need to know in this book" - Training magazine
"Rothwell, through his aggressive research and a systematic approach to succession planning, has developed a guide for today's leaders and HR managers on how to be prepared to deal with changes in key human capital." -Patrick E. Gerity, Ph.D., Executive Director, State System University Center for Southwest Pennsylvania
Book Description
William Rothwell honored with the ASTD Distinguished Contribution Award in Workplace Learning and Performance.
The definitive guide to a timely and timeless topic- now fully revised and updated.
As baby boomers continue to retire en masse from executive suites, managerial offices, and specialized or technical jobs, the question is—who will take their places? This loss of valuable institutional memory has made it apparent that no organization can afford to be without a strong succession program. Now in its fourth edition,Effective Succession Planning provides the tools organizations need to establish, revitalize, or revise their own succession planning and management (SP&M) programs.
The book has been fully updated to address challenges brought on by sea changes such as globalization, recession, technology, and the aftereffects of the terror attacks. It features new sections on identifying and assessing competencies and future needs; management vs. technical succession planning; and ethics and conduct; and new chapters on integrating recruitment and retention strategies with succession planning programs.
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