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Morena Antonio.Da Capo.Seventh edition

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Morena Antonio.Da Capo.Seventh edition
Melucci Donatella ,Moneti Annamaria , Lazzarino Graziana .
Heinle Cengage Learning, 2011.— 450p.— ISBN-13: 978-1-4282-6274-4 ; ISBN-10: 1-4282-6274-1
This Seventh Edition of the best-selling intermediate Italian text, DA CAPO, reviews and expands upon all aspects of Italian grammar while providing authentic learning experiences (including new song and video activities) that provide students with engaging ways to connect with Italians and Italian culture. Following the guidelines established by the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning, DA CAPO develops Italian language proficiency through varied features that accommodate a variety of teaching styles and goals. The Seventh Edition emphasizes a well-rounded approach to intermediate Italian, focusing on balanced acquisition of the four language skills within an updated cultural framework.
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