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Potter David. Renaissance France at War. Armies, Culture, and Society, c.1480-1560

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Potter David. Renaissance France at War. Armies, Culture, and Society, c.1480-1560
The Boydell Press, Woodbridge, 2008. — 456 c.
Introduction: France and its Wars, 1494–1559.
One World is Not Enough: Kings, Ministers and Decisions on Policy and Strategy in Renaissance France.
Dynastic war and personal rivalry.
French diplomacy and justifications for war.
Contemporary writers on the causes of war.
Starting wars.
The Italian wars, 1494.
The war with the Emperor, 1521.
The war of 1536.
The war of 1551–2.
The High Command, Planning and the Army as a Whole.
Kings and generals: the High Command.
Planning for war.
Numbers of troops.
Cavalry and the Nobility at War.
The Royal Guards.
The compagnies d’ordonnance.
Light horse.
War and the noble mentality.
The Birth of the French Infantry.
The reputation of foot soldiers.
The francs-archers.
The quest for a permanent infantry.
The legions.
Recruitment of gens de pied.
Command of the infantry.
Foreign Mercenaries in the Service of the King of France.
The need for foreign troops.
The Swiss.
The Germans: Lansquenets.
The Germans: Reiters.
The Italians.
The Artillery Revolution, Fortifications and Siege Warfare.
Fortification of the frontier.
Zones of fortification.
Personnel: architects and technicians.
Building operations and financing fortifications.
The Field of Battle.
The evidence: the memoirists describe war.
The military manual.
Keeping order: discipline.
Deployment: giving battle, ensigns, cries and speeches.
New tactics: the fortified camp; battlefield artillery.
The conventions of siege warfare.
The aftermath: casualties.
‘The Sinews of War’: Military Administration and Finance.
The cost of war.
Officialdom, financial and military.
The Ordinaire des guerres.
The Extraordinaire des guerres.
Officials and their social status.
Controlling fraud: payment and muster.
The Impact of War: Supply, Garrisons, Logistics and the Problem of Disorder.
The bonnes villes, garrisons and military supply.
Armies on campaign: new systems of supply.
Destruction, problems of discipline and the impact of disorder.
War, Propaganda, History and Public Opinion.
News reporting and public opinion.
War propaganda and taxation.
Ceremony and commemoration.
Public opinion and narratives of war: ‘la matière historiale’.
Scholars and contemporary history.
War and Renaissance Culture: Music and the Visual Arts.
Les bruits de la guerre.
Music and the art of war.
War and the visual arts.
War, Renaissance Culture and the Literary World.
War, ideas and public opinion.
War and the literary world.
Propaganda and the literary milieu.
Major poets and war.
Poetry and politics.
War in popular verse.
Literature and satire: sotties, farces and contes.
Conclusions: War in French public opinion.
Conclusion: ‘Until It Fill the Whole World?’.
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