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Blass W.E., Halsey G.W. Deconvolution of absorption spectra

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Blass W.E., Halsey G.W. Deconvolution of absorption spectra
New York: Academic Press, 1981, - 150 pp.
This monograph deals with a rather universal concern—that of signal recovery. Signal recovery is a broad problem that spans numerous disciplines, and as a result there exists a rather rich general literature on the subject. A major problem results from the equally rich sets of technical terminology used in the literature. Herein the reader will find a specialized aspect of signal recovery, namely deconvolution, discussed in the language of a physical scientist who, by accident or intent, has been crossbred with a sprinkling or more of the geophysicist, computer scientist, electrical engineer, and statistician.
We have attempted to produce an entry-level monograph for physical scientists which will enable them to begin tentative use of deconvolution methods in their work.
Physical measurement systems: overview.
Physical measurement systems: an application.
Signal space and frequency space.
Deconvolution in signal space.
Applying the Jansson algorithm.
Deconvolution examples.
Tests and examples of deconvolution.
Complete case history of a deconvolved data run.
Deconvolution and intensities.
Assessment and evaluation.
Appendix: using the program DECO. Using the test program LONGO.
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