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Psychologies 2015 №08 August (UK)

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Psychologies 2015 №08 August (UK)
It is a monthly women's magazine dedicated to personal development and well-being. Grown up, intelligent and intimate, Psychologies is the only women’s magazine that seeks to enrich your emotional life. It focuses on helping you understand yourself and the world around you, by gathering the latest, most compelling thinking and translating it into personally relevant insight and guidance. Psychologies is the magazine for life curious women that helps you know more, grow more. We cover self, relationships, family, work, beauty and wellbeing, culture, travel, food and more.
Editor’s letter
I'd like to thank…
The fix
How to look like yourself
Sally Brampton
The big interview. Taylor Swift: Feminism is the most important movement you can embrace – it’s about equality
Love experiment. Do you get on with your in-laws? Sarah Abell offers ways to improve your relationships
Busy doing nothing. Katy Regan trials spending 30 minutes a day lazing around
Shared values. Musician and author Lou Rhodes talks to us about her priorities
Mind experiment. Martha Roberts suggests getting your thoughts down on paper
How to have a portfolio career. Psychologies’ Emine Ali Rushton
My home. Interiors stylist and writer Jane Cumberbatch shows us around her Victorian London home
Who’s sorry now? Viv Groskop wonders why so many of us feel the need to apologise – for everything
Ilona Boniwell. Our family expert talks about how to set your children up for a happier future
Baby love. Caroline Grayling talks about what happens when you wants a baby but your partner doesn’t
Work experiment. Hate your commute? Here’s how to make it a positive experience, says Oliver Burkeman
Mary Fenwick. Our wise agony aunt on losing trust in your husband, wondering ‘what’s the point?’ and coping with friends who take advantage
What do you want to be? Career coach Alastair Creamer shares his tips for advising teenagers at a crossroads
Esther Perel. ‘I’ve quit my porn habit and now I don’t want sex’: a man returns to real sex
Happiness club. Psychologies editor Suzy Greaves talks about setting goals for ourselves
The dossier. You only live once
Make the most of every minute. Anita Chaudhuri investigates the small life tweaks we can all make to create a more worthwhile existence
Live deeply. Author Tom Rath on how to inject your life with more depth
Fill it up! Adventurer Dave Cornthwaite explains why saying yes and embracing life’s challenges will change our lives for ever
The meaning of life. Three women talk about how they make the most of every moment
Test: Do you know how to enjoy life? Find out what stops you getting the most out of life, and learn how to let the fun and laughter in
The boost
Shine on. Tips on preparing yourself to embrace the light, get outdoors and enjoy the summer
Beauty edit. Amerley Ollennu on beauty choices just for you
Gut instinct. Nutritional therapist Eve Kalinik explains how our gut is responsible for our overall health
Wellbeing notes. Natural brands that don’t cost the earth
Hype-free health. Perdita Nouril examines organic nail polish
Positive fitness. Why weight-training can be the key to achieving and maintaining fitness, says Amerley Ollennu
The health fix. Amerley Ollennu assesses her cortisol levels
The retreat
Childhood revisited. Deliciously nostalgic recipes from Kate Doran’s new book Homemade Memories
Nutrition notes. Eve Kalinik gives us the lowdown on fructose
Tender loving care. How changing our attitudes to housework can result in a calmer, more relaxing living space
Travel. Jini Reddy feels connected in Namibia, while Perdita Nouril goes off-grid in the Azores
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