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Psychologies 2015 №09 September (UK)

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Psychologies 2015 №09 September (UK)
This magazine addresses what we're really like, not just what we look like. As such, it sets itself apart from other women’s magazines. If you're interested in intelligent topics like personality and how the huge changes happening in the world of work, consumption and social media will affect you, this is a must-buy. We keep up with the latest psychological research and trends to inform how to get the most out of life, we use great writers, seek out expert opinion, and give well-supported advice. We also have a strong ethos of positivity, in interviews, health, wellbeing and beauty.
Editor’s letter
I'd like to thank…
The fix
The big interview. Christina Hendricks. Modelling taught me how to be resilient and to rely on myself
How to look like yourself
Sally Brampton
Mind experiment. Martha Roberts on how happy scents can boost our mood
Stuck in the rough. Heidi Scrimgeour on getting through relationship bad patches
Shared values. Comedian Bridget Christie talks about family and perseverance
Hands-on healing. Three women talk about how activities, such as knitting, fishing and chicken-rearing, have benefited their mental health
Funny business. Heather Hill on how using humour at work can help everyone to be happier and more productive
Esther Perel. ‘How can I spice up our sex life?’ Our sex expert gives one man advice on what to do
My home. Journalist and author Sarah Thompson on how she fell in love with a former council house
Love experiment. Having doubts about marriage? Sarah Abell invites you to talk through your worries
Let them smear cake. Self-confessed ‘helicopter parent’ Hannah Davies wonders if she should take a step back and let her children make mistakes
Ilona Boniwell. Our family expert talks about how to teach your children to become more confident
I see it all from both sides now. People who’ve seen both sides of the gender divide talk about workplace sexual politics
Work experiment. Oliver Burkeman shares tips on dealing with difficult work colleagues
Mary Fenwick. Our wise agony aunt advises three readers
Happiness club. Psychologies editor Suzy Greaves talks about how we can learn to bounce back
The dossier. Check into the midsummer mind spa
Here’s where to start… We help you look back at the first half of the year and forward to the rest of it – with the aim of achieving your goals
Be your own life coach. Ali Roff takes a coaching course to help her cope with life’s little curveballs
Taking positive steps towards their goal. Three women who each took on an individual challenge talk about how they approached their aims
Test: How do you choose your goals? Are you determined, cautious or excited about what is facing you in life?
The boost
Gather ye rosebuds. Emine Ali Rushton on the appeal of the rose
Beauty edit. Amerley Ollennu spotlights facing the fear
Tough love. Amerley Ollennu experiences a hammam, plus an exclusive offer from Urban Retreat, Harrods
Still waters. Lucy Fry discovers how swimming in open waters can heal, support, bolster and release us
Wellbeing notes. Time to prioritise and encourage renewal
Hype-free health. The nutritional properties of bone broth
Positive fitness. Amerley Ollennu on training while on holiday
The health fix. Perdita Nouril confronts her teeth-grinding
The retreat
Dishes to delight. Simply delicious and guilt-free food from Jo Pratt, author of In The Mood For Healthy Food
Nutrition notes. Eve Kalinik on boosting our health with herbs
Feeling good. Use texture in your home for a welcoming feel
Travel. Perdita Nouril rejuvenates in Sri Lanka; while Ali Roff discovers her joie de vivre in Montenegro
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