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Houghton R. Emergency Characterization of Unknown Materials

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Houghton R. Emergency Characterization of Unknown Materials
Boca Raton: CRC Press. – 2008. – 325 p. It turns out the question is much easier than the answer. When you ask, What is that stuff? the answer depends on your job and the situation in which the material is found. Some jobs require a high degree of precision; other jobs require a sweeping overview of the hazards. This book is written for the latter and is intended for use by workers who are responsible for safe response to and management of unknown hazardous materials. The book is written with emphasis on public safety and the management of life safety hazards. You will find technology and strategies to identify the hazards presented by an unknown material. You will not necessarily find specific tests to identify a material by name, although some technology is able to do so in some cases. The test methods presented within involve manipulation of small amounts of sample—literally a hands-on approach. The theme of this book is the emergency characterization of unknown material. This book is compiled in a manner that is inclusive of as many field workers as possible, regardless of their skill level. It opens with a chapter that provides a basic overview of about 50 chemical and physical terms and definitions listed in National Fire Protection Association 472 as hazardous material technician-level competencies. NFPA is a long-respected champion of recommended competencies. Next is a chapter on types of hazards presented by chemical compounds and mixtures, organisms, and radiation sources the final chapter covers strategies for identification of hazards. The scope of this book does not include sampling techniques. Sampling is contingent on the unique needs of a responding agency and becomes too wieldy to include here. Law enforcement has distinct requirements for evidence collection while a hazardous materials team requires a sampling technique that is rapid and safe. There are sampling resources available based on +your individual need.
The Author
Terms and Definitions
Detection Technology
Strategies for Characterizing Unknown Materials
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