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Soares C. Process Engineering Equipment Handbook

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Soares C. Process Engineering Equipment Handbook
McGraw-Hill, 2002. — 978 p. — ISBN 0-07-059614-X.
This book contains information on the major components and basic systems, including instrumentation and controls, and some optimization techniques that I wish I had had when I landed, albeit happily, in my first major plant. It also contains examples, drawn from knowledgeable sources, of action plans that have kept various process companies in good standing and high esteem with their public and governments worldwide. Selected extracts of the technology that are the bases of these policies are also included. These examples and technology extracts are frequently missing from engineering handbooks; I would be doing users of this handbook a disservice to leave out this information.
Increasingly process plants are becoming small power producers. Governments are now beginning to offer incentives to small power producers. The Thai government, which buys the excess power from Esso's Sriracha refinery, is just one such example. The Alberta, Canada, government buys excess power from Syncrude Canada Limited, which produces 170,000 barrels of crude oil a day. The British power network buys excess power from Elf Acquitaine's Flotta terminal, which collects North Sea petroleum products.
In other words, this book aims to provide a process engineer with:
Knowledge of the basics the process engineer will meet up with
Enough knowledge to help the process engineer optimize operation safety, efficiency, and profit margins
Information about environmental systems and avoiding trouble with the law
Tools to integrate the plant's operation with other services, such as power production and waste management, to further optimize profits and minimize losses due to interruptions in services provided by external companies
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