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Valette J., Valette R. Contacts: Langue et culture françaises

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Valette J., Valette R. Contacts: Langue et culture françaises
Ninth Edition. — Cengage Learning, 2014. — 618 p. — ISBN-13: 978-1-133-30958-1; ISBN-10: 1-133-30958-5.
One of the most popular and trusted introductory French programs available, Contacts: Langue et culture françaises is renowned for its superior grammar sequencing, four-skills presentation and practice, vocabulary control, and supportive pedagogy. More learner friendly than ever, the new ninth edition features an all-new design while maintaining hallmark strengths like logical progression and clear organization, which have successfully served more than half a million Contacts users. The program reflects the realities of the contemporary French and Francophone worlds while effectively preparing readers for work, study, and travel abroad with its practical illustrations and activities.
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