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Schilling M.A. Strategic Management of Technological Innovation

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Schilling M.A. Strategic Management of Technological Innovation
4th ed. — Mcgraw-Hill Education, 2012. — 336 p. — ISBN: 0078029236, 9780078029233
Strategic Management of Technological Innovation, 4e by Melissa Schilling is the first comprehensive and rigorous, yet accessible text for the Technology and Innovation Management course. Unlike other books, Schilling’s approach synthesizes the major research in the field, providing students with the knowledge needed to enhance case discussion and analysis. The subject is approached as a strategic process, and as such, is organized to mirror the strategic management process used in most strategy textbooks, progressing from assessing the competitive dynamics of a situation, to strategy formulation, to strategy implementation. As a brief, affordable paperback, it is ideal to package with cases. Recommended case sets from the author are available through Create or from the Harvard Business School Case Database.
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