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Brecher E. Surprising Science Puzzles

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Brecher E. Surprising Science Puzzles
N.Y.: Orient Paperbacks, 2006. — 100 p.
The laws of physics are the creation of nature and not of man. However, this still leaves ample scope to construct around these laws intriguing science puzzles to challenge the
cognitive abilities of any reader. In compiling this book I have, in addition to my own
material, enjoyed generous permission from other authors and their publishers. For this, I would like to express my appreciation to Scot Morris, Victor Serebriakoff (Octopus
Publishing), Gyles Brandreth, Stephen Barr, and L. H. Longley-Cook. Their books are valuable additions to any puzzle library. My thanks go, also, to Professor Bryan Niblett for his
review and helpful comments on my manuscript.
The 104 bogglers in this collection are more than just puzzles - they're real-life amazements. Can you float a battleship in a bathtub? Which is easier: pushing a wheelbarrow or pulling it? Why are birds' eggs generally narrower on one end than the other?
The Puzzles.
The Solutions.
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