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Daehlen M. Tveito A. (eds.) Numerical Methods and Software Tools in Industrial Mathematics

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Daehlen M. Tveito A. (eds.) Numerical Methods and Software Tools in Industrial Mathematics
Basel: Birkhäuser, 1997. - 400p.
The main feature of this text is the discussion on how modern concepts in computer science can be applied in order to develop scientific software that is easier to extend, maintain and use than the more traditional counterparts. In addition, models and methods for challenging problems in industrial mathematics ranging from multiphase flow problems and modelling of solidification processes to surface modelling based on geological or medical data, are derived and discussed in the light of the software concepts.
Contents :

Front Matter
Front Matte
Object-Oriented Numerics
Basic Tools for Linear Algebra
Software Tools for Modelling Scattered Data
A Comprehensive Set of Tools for Solving Partial Differential Equations; Diffpack
On the Numerical Efficiency of C++ in Scientific Computing
Front Matter
Basic Equations in Eulerian Continuum Mechanics
A Mathematical Model of Macrosegregation Formation in Binary Alloy Solidification
Computation of Macrosegregation due to Solidification Shrinkage
A Mathematical Model for the Melt Spinning of Polymer Fibers
Finite Element Methods for Two-Phase Flow in Heterogeneous Porous Media
Splines and Ocean Wave Modelling
Krylov Subspace Iterations for Sparse Linear Systems
Preconditioning Linear Saddle Point Problems
Front Matter
Surface Modelling from Scattered Geological Data
Varioscale Surfaces in Geographic Information Systems
Surface Modelling from Biomedical Data
Data Reduction of Piecewise Linear Curves
Aspects of Algorithms for Manifold Intersection
Surface Editing
Back Matter
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