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Shaw Peter. ReSharper Succinctly

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Shaw Peter. ReSharper Succinctly
Morrisville, Syncfusion Inc, 2015, — 145 p.
Welcome to ReSharper Succinctly, an e-book that will hopefully change the way you work,
making you into a far more productive developer than you ever thought possible.
You are about to take a tour of what is probably one of the most well-known productivity add-
ons for Visual Studio ever produced for .NET developers.
Over the course of this book, you'll learn exactly what ReSharper is, how to get started with it,
and more importantly, what it can do for you as a busy developer.
One thing to note though—throughout this book we’ll refer to ReSharper as R#; this is actually a
more common nomenclature used by those that actually install it. So when you see me mention
R#, don't worry—I'm not referring to some arcane new programming language.
Your first experience with R#
Getting Started
What exactly is ReSharper?
Installing ReSharper
Running the installer
R# first look
R# options
ReSharper in the editor
Keyboard shortcuts and ReSharper's master key
Chapter 2 ReSharper as a Programmer’s Aid
Revisiting the inspection severity options
Which inspections can ReSharper do for me?
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