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Encyclopedia Britannica 2010. Book of the Year

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Encyclopedia Britannica 2010. Book of the Year
Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 2010. — 880 p. — ISBN-10: 1615353313, ISBN-13: 978-1615353316
Presenting an incisive look at 2009, the Britannica Book of the Year provides a valuable viewpoint on the people and events that shaped the year. In addition to keeping the Encyclopadia Britannica updated, it serves as a great reference source for the latest news on the ever-changing populations, governments and economies throughout the world. It is an accurate and comprehensive reference that you will reach for again and again. - Research the events that made the headlines in 2009 - from sport to education to technological advances. - Read about world disasters like the wildfires that swept through South Eastern Australia, the earthquake in Central Italy reaching 6.3 on the Richter scale and the Air France Airbus that disappeared off the coast of Brazil. - World Data provides a statistical snapshot of the world's countries - incorporating data on each country's demography, economy, education, health and military. - People of 2009 commends the works of the year's Nobel Prize winners and celebrates the lives of such people as legendary football player and manager Sir Bobby Robson, chaotic TV chef Keith Floyd, anthropologist Claude Levi Strauss and King of Pop Michael Jackson. - Special Reports on key current events include the Global Financial Crisis, China's Quest for Superpower and the Swine Flu epidemic. - Explores critical issues and their origins, covering business, economics, technology, health, politics, science, sport and more. - Beautifully bound in hardback and written by Britannica's expert contributors.
Dates of 2009
People of 2009
Special Reports
Events of 2009
The World in 2009
World Data
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