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Rozvany G.I.N., Lewiński T. Topology Optimization in Structural and Continuum Mechanics

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Rozvany G.I.N., Lewiński T. Topology Optimization in Structural and Continuum Mechanics
Springer, 2014. - 471 pp. - (International Centre for Mechanical Sciences. Courses and Lectures, Vol. 549)
Structural Topology Optimization (STO) is a relatively new, but rapidly expanding and extremely popular field of structural mechanics.Various theoretical aspects, as well as a great variety of numerical methods and applications are discussed extensively in international journals and at conferences. The high level of interest in this field is due to the substantial savings that can be achieved by topology optimization in industrial applications. Moreover, STO has interesting theoretical implications in mathematics, mechanics, multi-physics and computer science.
This is the third CISM Advanced Course on Structural Topology Optimization. The two previous ones were organized by the first author of this Preface, the current one – by both authors.
The aim of the present course is to cover new developments in this field since the previous CISM meeting on STO in 1997. The topics reviewed by various lecturers of this course are summarized briefly below.
Structural Topology Optimization (STO) – Exact Analytical Solutions: Part I;
Structural Topology Optimization (STO) – Exact Analytical Solutions: Part II;
Some Fundamental Properties of Exact Optimal Structural Topologies;
Validation of Numerical Methods by Analytical Benchmarks, and Verification of Exact Solutions by Numerical Methods;
A Brief Review of Numerical Methods of Structural Topology Optimization On Basic Properties of Michell’s Structures;
Structural Shape and Topology Optimization Compliance Minimization of Two-Material Elastic Structures;
The Free Material Design in Linear Elasticity;
Introductory Notes on Topological Design Optimization of Vibrating Continuum Structures;
Structural Topology Optimization with Respect to Eigenfrequencies of Vibration;
On Optimum Design and Periodicity of Band-gap Structures;
Topological Design for Minimum Dynamic Compliance of Structures under Forced Vibration;
Topological Design for Minimum Sound Emission from Structures under Forced Vibration;
Discrete Material Optimization of Vibrating Laminated Composite Plates for Minimum Sound Emission;
Topology Optimization of Diffusive Transport Problems;
Topology Optimization of Flows: Stokes and Navier-Stokes Models;
Topology Optimization of Coupled Multi-Physics Problems;
The Extended Finite Element Method;
Topology Optimization under Uncertainty.
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