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Campbell M., Farrell S. Biochemistry

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Campbell M., Farrell S. Biochemistry
Brooks/Cole, 2012 - 861p.
Biochemistry and the Organization of Cells
Water: The Solvent for Biochemical Reactions
Amino Acids and Peptides
The Three-Dimensional Structure of Proteins
Protein Purifi cation and Characterization Techniques
The Behavior of Proteins: Enzymes
The Behavior of Proteins: Enzymes, Mechanisms, and Control
Lipids and Proteins Are Associated in Biological Membranes
Nucleic Acids: How Structure Conveys Information
Biosynthesis of Nucleic Acids: Replication
Transcription of the Genetic Code: The Biosynthesis of RNA
Protein Synthesis: Translation of the Genetic Message
Nucleic Acid Biotechnology Techniques
Viruses, Cancer, and Immunology
The Importance of Energy Changes and Electron Transfer in Metabolism
Storage Mechanisms and Control in Carbohydrate Metabolism
The Citric Acid Cycle
Electron Transport and Oxidative Phosphorylation
Lipid Metabolism
The Metabolism of Nitrogen
Integration of Metabolism: Cellular Signaling
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