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Bennie P. The Great Chicago Fire of 1871

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Bennie P. The Great Chicago Fire of 1871
New York: Chelsea House, 2008. – 128 pp. — (Great historic disasters).
On the evening of october 7, 1871, a famous author and world traveler named George Francis Train was giving a lecture in Chicago when he suddenly stopped, overcome by an eerie premonition, or warning. Looking solemnly out at the packed auditorium, he said, This is the last public address that will be delivered within these walls! A terrible calamity is impending over the city of Chicago! More I cannot say; more I dare not utter.
Introduction: A National Event.
City in a Hurry.
Drought and Blaze.
Everything Went Wrong!
South Side Inferno.
It Takes All Sorts.
North Side Holocaust.
City in a Hurry Again.
Nowhere to Go but Up.
Chronology and Timeline.
Further Reading.
Picture Credits.
About the Author.
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