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Kupperberg P. The Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919

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Kupperberg P. The Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919
New York: Chelsea House, 2008. – 120 pp. — (Great historic disasters)
In 1855, the science of medicine was still struggling to gain acceptance amid thousands of years of healing knowledge based on well-meaning but faulty ideas of the nature and causes of disease. Many people believed that illness was caused by miasma, or foul emanations from soil, air, and water. These emanations created an imbalance of what were known as the four humors, or fluids: yellow bile (urine), black bile (feces), blood, and phlegm (saliva). Too much of one or not enough of another caused various health problems that doctors believed could be cured by, among other methods, inducing vomiting or bleeding the patient to restore harmony.
Introduction: Influenza of a Severe Type.
The Influenzavirus.
Historic Pandemics and Epidemics.
North America.
The World.
Combating the Pandemic.
The Future.
Chronology and Timeline.
Further Reading.
Picture Credits.
About the Author.
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