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Aldridge R. The Sinking of the Titanic

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Aldridge R. The Sinking of the Titanic
New York: Chelsea House, 2008. — 112 p. — (Great historic disasters).
Newspapers called it The Wonder Ship, The Millionaire’s Special, The Biggest Ship in the World, The Last Word in Luxury, and The Unsinkable Ship. This ship was the White Star Line’s latest ocean liner: Titanic. At approximately 882 feet in length and 46,000 tons, it was the largest steamship the world had ever seen.
Introduction: The Unsinkable Ship.
Building Titanic.
A Stay on the Titanic.
People and Cargo of the Titanic.
Titanic Hits an Iceberg.
After the Disaster.
The Search for Titanic.
Titanic Fascination.
Chronology and Timeline.
Further Reading.
Picture Credits.5
About the Author.
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