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Slavicek L.C. The Black Death

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Slavicek L.C. The Black Death
New York: Chelsea House, 2008. – 129 pp. — (Great historic disasters).
In 1346, Europe was hit by the worst natural disaster in its recorded history: the Black Death. Generally believed to be a combination of bubonic plague and two other plague strains, the Black Death ravaged the length and breadth of Europe from Sicily to Norway, from Ireland to Russia, for five terrible years.
Introduction: Life Is But One Long Agony.
Setting the Stage for the Black Death.
What Was the Black Death?
The Path of the Black Death.
The Black Death Psyche.
Medieval Medicine and the Black Death.
Social and Economic Impact of the Black Death.
Religion, Culture, and the Black Death.
The End of the Black Death.
Chronology and Timeline.
Further Reading.
Picture Credits.
About the Author.
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