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Hedetniemi S.T., Laskar R.C. Topics on Domination

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Hedetniemi S.T., Laskar R.C. Topics on Domination
North-Holland, 1991. — 270 p.
The contributions in this volume are divided into three sections: theoretical, new models and algorithmic. The first section focuses on properties of the standard domination number (G), the second section is concerned with new variations on the domination theme, and the third is primarily concerned with finding classes of graphs for which the domination number (and several other domination-related parameters) can be computed in polynomial time.
Chessboard domination problems
On the queen domination problem
Recent problems and results about kernels in directed graphs
Critical concepts in domination
The bondage number of a graph
Chordal graphs and upper irredundance, upper domination and independence
Regular totally domatically full graphs
Domatically critical and domatically full graphs
On generalised minimal domination parameters for paths
New Models
Dominating cliques in graphs
Covering all cliques of graph
Factor domination in graphs
The least point covering and domination numbers of a graph
Dominating sets in perfect graphs
Unit disk graphs
Permutation graphs: connected domination and Steiner trees
The discipline number of a graph
Best location of service centers in a tree-like network under budget constraints
Dominating cycles in Halin graphs
Finding dominating cliques efficiently, in strongly chordal graphs and undirected path graphs
On minimum dominating sets with minimum intersection
Bibliography on domination in graphs and some basic definitions of domination parameters
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