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Alspach B.R., Godsil C.D. (eds.) Cycles in Graphs

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Alspach B.R., Godsil C.D. (eds.) Cycles in Graphs
Издательство North-Holland, 1985, -481 pp.
The idea for this book grew out of the successful workshop "Cycles in Graphs 1982" held at Simon Fraser University 5 July - 20 August 1982. The primary purpose of the workshop was to gather the world's leading experts on cycles in graphs and have them discuss what they felt were the outstanding problems in the area. There were only four talks per week which left time for many informal sessions. It was a resounding success and it was decided to carry this over to a book.
The result is this volume of the Annals of Discrete Mathematics. It should.
not be viewed as a conference proceedings since only ten of the papers in this volume represent talks at the workshop. The papers present original research for the most part as there are three survey papers among the forty-five papers in the volume. The survey papers represent excellent exposure to several problems. The reader will find a rich supply of open problems throughout the volume together with a good understanding of their current status. There is also an unsolved problem section included which is a good source of problems.
A Survey of the Cycle Double Cover Conjecture.
A Girth Requirement for the Double Cycle Cover Conjecture.
Hamilton Cycles in Metacirculant Graphs with Prime Cardinality Blocks.
Hamilton Paths in Cartesian Products of Directed Cycles.
Every Connected Cayley Graph of a Group with Prime Order Commutator Group Has a Hamilton Cycle.
Multiple-Ply Hamiltonian Graphs and Digraphs.
On Hamilton Cycles in Cayley Graphs in Groups with Cyclic Commutator Subgroup.
Hamilton Circuits in Cartesian Products with a Metacyclic Factor.
k Vertex Transitive Graphs and Digraphs of Order p.
Some Hamiltonian Cayley Graphs.
On Hamilton Cycles in 3-Connected Cubic Maps.
Non-Hamiltonian 3-Polytopes Whose Faces Are All Pentagons.
Hamilton Circuits in Regular Tournaments.
Circuits and Hamilton Circuits in Domination Orientable Tournaments.
First Occurrence of Hamilton Cycles in Random Graphs.
The Pancyclicity of Halin Graphs and their Exterior Contractions.
Long Paths between Specified Vertices of a Block.
Longest Cycles in 2-Connected Graphs of Independence Number a.
A Note on Maximal Cycles in 2-Connected Graphs.
A Note on Isomorphic Generalized Prisms.
Uniformly n-Cyclic Graphs.
Cycles in 3-Connected Cubic Planar Graphs.
A Lemma on Cycle Decompositions.
A Note on Hamilton Cycles.
A Counterexample to a Conjecture about Oriented Graphs.
An Improvement of Jackson's Result on Hamilton Cycles in 2-Connected Regular Graphs.
Finding Cycles of a Given Length.
Clique Coverings of Complements of Paths and Cycles.
Equicardinal Disjoint Cycles in Sparse Graphs.
Path and Cycle Decompositions of Complete Multigraphs.
Minimum Number of Circuits Covering the Vertices of a Strong Digraph.
On Decomposing Graphs into Isomorphic Uniform 2-Factors.
Two Complementary Circuits in Two-Connected Tournaments.
The Clique Partition Number of the Complement of a Cycle.
The Computational Complexity of Decomposing Block Designs.
Kotzig's Conjecture on Generalized Friendship Graphs - A Survey.
A Short Proof of Rubin's Block Theorem.
Cycle Basis Interpolation Theorems.
A Basis for the Cycle Space of a 3-Connected Graph.
Types of Cycles in Hypergraphs.
Parity of Cycles Containing Specified Edges.
An Optimal Algorithm for Directing Triple Systems Using Eulerian Circuits.
The Reconstruction Conjecture for Balanced Signed Graphs.
Periodic Points of Small Periods of Continuous Mappings of Trees.
Periodic Points of Continuous Mappings of Trees.
Unsolved Problems.
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