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Dunham D. Naga-ed-Der Stelae of the First intermediate period

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Dunham D. Naga-ed-Der Stelae of the First intermediate period
London: Humphrey Milford, 1937. — 124 p; with plates.
This study,undertaken at the suggestion of Professor George A. Reisner, was originally intended to deal solely with the stelae of the First Intermediate Period found during his various excavating campaigns in the Naga-ed-Der group of cemeteries. That object has remained the primary purpose of the work, and the book includes all the stelae found by him and his assistants in sufficiently good preservation to warrant reproduction. In one case (stela from Sheikh Farag, Tomb 5005) a stone has been omitted because when found its surface was quite illegible through decay, and in a number of other instances fragments of broken and incomplete stelae have not been included because they showed only small portions of stereotyped text or parts offigures without noteworthy features.
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