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Hansen Robert C. Phased Array Antennas

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Hansen Robert C. Phased Array Antennas
2nd edition. — Wiley-Interscience, 2009. — 547 p. — ISBN-10: 0470401028. — ISBN-13: 978-0470401026.

Теория и конструирование фазированных антенных решеток.
An in-depth treatment of array phenomena and all aspects of phased array analysis and design.
Phased Array Antennas, Second Edition is a comprehensive reference on the vastly evolving field of array antennas. The Second Edition continues to provide an in-depth evaluation of array phenomena with a new emphasis on developments that have occurred in the field over the past decade.
The book offers the same detailed coverage of all practical and theoretical aspects of phased arrays as the first edition, but it now includes:
New chapters on array-fed reflector antennas; connected arrays; and reflectarrays and retrodirective arrays;
Brand-new coverage of artificial magnetic conductors, and Bode matching limitations;
A clear explanation of the common misunderstanding of scan element pattern measurement, along with appropriate equations;
In-depth coverage of finite array Gibbsian models, photonic feeding and time delay, waveguide simulators, and beam orthogonality.
The book is complemented with a multitude of original curves and tables that illustrate how particular behaviors were derived from the author's hundreds of programs developed over the past forty years. Additionally, numerous computer design algorithms and numerical tips are included throughout the book to help aid in readers' comprehension. Phased Array Antennas, Second Edition is an ideal resource for antenna design engineers, radar engineers, PCS engineers, and communications engineers, or any professional who works to develop radar and telecommunications systems. It also serves as a valuable textbook for courses in phased array design and theory at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels.
Array Background.
Systems Factors.
Annotated Reference Sources.
Basic Array Characteristics.
Uniformly Excited Linear Arrays.
Planar Arrays.
Beam Steering and Quantization Lobes.
Linear Array Pattern Synthesis.
Dolph– Chebyshev Arrays.
Taylor One-Parameter Distribution.
Taylor N-Bar Aperture Distribution.
Low-Sidelobe Distributions.
Villeneuve N-Bar Array Distribution.
Difference Patterns.
Sidelobe Envelope Shaping.
Shaped Beam Synthesis.
Thinned Arrays.
Planar and Circular Array Pattern Synthesis.
Circular Planar Arrays.
Noncircular Apertures.
Array Elements.
Waveguide Slots.
TEM Horns.
Microstrip Patches and Dipoles.
Array Feeds.
Series Feeds.
Shunt (Parallel) Feeds.
Two-Dimensional Feeds.
Photonic Feed Systems.
Systematic Errors.
Mutual Coupling.
Fundamentals of Scanning Arrays.
Spatial Domain Approaches to Mutual Coupling.
Spectral Domain Approaches.
Scan Compensation and Blind Angles.
Finite Arrays.
Methods of Analysis.
Scan Performance of Small Arrays.
Finite-by-Infinite Array Gibbsian Model.
Superdirective Arrays.
Historical Notes.
Maximum Array Directivity.
Constrained Optimization.
Matching of Superdirective Arrays.
Multiple-Beam Antennas.
Low Sidelobes and Beam Interpolation.
Beam Orthogonality.
Conformal Arrays.
Ring Arrays.
Arrays on Cylinders.
Sector Arrays on Cylinders.
Arrays on Cones and Spheres.
Connected Arrays.
History of Connected Arrays.
Connected Array Principles.
Connected Dipole Currents.
Connection by Reactance.
Connected Array Extensions.
Reflectarrays and Retrodirective Arrays.
Retrodirective Arrays.
Reflectors with Arrays.
Focal Plane Arrays.
Near-Field Electromagnetic Optics.
Measurements and Tolerances.
Measurement of Low-Sidelobe Patterns.
Array Diagnostics.
Waveguide Simulators.
Array Tolerances.
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