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Capobianco M., Molluzzo J.C. Examples and Counterexamples in Graph Theory

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Capobianco M., Molluzzo J.C. Examples and Counterexamples in Graph Theory
Издательство North-Holland, 1978, -270 pp.
This book is a compilation of some five hundred examples in graph theory. Its purpose is to serve as a reference for researchers, instructors and students, and it also can be used effectively as a supplementary text in graph theory courses and those in related areas. In view of the spectacular development of graph theory in recent years, it was felt that a book of this kind ought to be available.
Our examples originate from three major sources: (1) counterexamples to the converse of a theorem, (2) examples obtained by eliminating part of the hypothesis of a theorem, and (3) examples which demonstrate whether a bound given by a theorem is sharp or not. There are other types, which are not easily classified. Since many of the examples are related to theorems, this book is a central source of many of the more important results of graph theory, together with references to where proofs and other information can be found. In fact, a great many of the theorems appear here for the first time in a book.
This book is divided into chapters on the principal topics in graph theory. These are generally independent of each other. It is assumed that the reader is familiar with basic graph theory terminology and notation as found in Harary (1969) and Behzad and Chartrand (1971). However, specialized terms or symbols used in an example are usually defined just before they are used. If a definition is lacking in the text, it can be found in the glossary or list of symbols. There is an extensively cross-referenced index, which enables a user to look up an example under virtually any reasonable key word. A complete list of references is also included. Within each chapter examples are numbered "c.e" where "c" is the number of the chapter and "e" is the number of the example within that chapter. If a theorem is involved, it is stated first and labeled "Theorem".
Independence and Coverings
External Problems
Graph-Valued Functions
Topological Questions
Graph Reconstruction
A: The Frucht Notation
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