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Brath R., Jonker D. Graph Analysis and Visualization. Discovering Business Opportunity in Linked Data

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Brath R., Jonker D. Graph Analysis and Visualization. Discovering Business Opportunity in Linked Data
John Wiley, 2015. — 538 p.
This book is about the application of graph visualization and analysis for business. Graph applications are a unique and valuable resource for discovering actionable insights in data. In recent years, analysts inside some of the world’s most innovative companies have been intensively exploring graph-based approaches to a gain deeper understanding of the dynamics of their businesses while discovering opportunities and strategies for improvement.
As the volume, variety, and velocity of available data has grown, so has the need for techniques and technology to make sense of it all. Organizations have become acutely aware of the limitations of simple dashboard-style charts. Dashboards are good at showing metrics and trends. hey can inform you when areas of business are underperforming or outperforming others, but they cannot begin to tell you why, and understanding why is key to taking effective action.
The function of a graph is to represent links between things, revealing the structure and nature of relationships in data. Relationships are fundamental to the why and the how of things, which is one of the reasons graph analysis and visualization has so much potential for value. Looking back on 20 years of our personal history designing and building new applications for business and intelligence analysts, the authors realize that graphs have played a role in many of those solutions. Today, several of our most significant research and software development efforts are, in essence, graph-based.
Despite the utility of graphs, however, little has been published about the application of graphs outside of the world of science, and even less has been published about graph design. With recent advancements in the capabilities of open source graph tools and libraries, graphs have become accessible to every business analyst, but access to knowledge of effective principles and techniques for graph analysis and visualization remains relatively limited. Our hope in writing this book is to help change that.
Why Graphs?
A Graph for Every Problem
Process and Tools Process
Data-Collect, Clean, and Connect
Stats and Layout
Visual Attributes
Explore and Explain
Point-and-Click Graph Tools
Lightweight Programming
Visual Analysis of Graphs
Spatial Networks
Advanced Techniques
Big Data
Dynamic Graphs
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