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Lilford T.L.P. Notes on the birds of Northamptonshire and neighbourhood. Volume II

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Lilford T.L.P. Notes on the birds of Northamptonshire and neighbourhood. Volume II
London: Porter&Co, 1895. - 358 p.
The bulk of the following Notes has already been published at irregular intervals in the "Journal of the Northamptonshire Natural History Society" from its commencement in 1880 up to the end of 1893. I must explain my frequent reference to various parts of the world by stating that in the early years of our Society's existence we had not any member but myself who had devoted any special attention to ornithology, and I therefore thought it well to tell all that I knew from personal experience with regard to the birds of which I had to treat. With reference to the scope of these observations, I soon found it extremely irksome to confine them strictly to the political boundaries of our county, and have therefore occasionally overstepped these arbitrary limits into the bordering counties of Huntingdon, Bedford, and Cambridge, doing my best not to trespass into Oxfordshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, or Lincolnshire, whose orni thology has been dealt with by other authors. Our county is so easy of access, and has been so well described and illustrated in all its aspects, except that of ornithology, that I consider it as quite superfluous to attempt any description of its geology and other natural conditions. I have no pretence to the title of scientific ornithologist, but I have been a lover of birds since my earliest years, and a close observer of their habits, till debarred from such observation by physical infirmity.
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