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Wilson A. Cosmic vision: space science for Europe 2015-2025

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Wilson A. Cosmic vision: space science for Europe 2015-2025
European Space Agency, 2005. — 111 p.
Ten to twenty years from now, a succession of clever new spacecraft will need to be ready to fly in ESA’s continuing Science Programme, now called Cosmic Vision.They will tackle some of the big scientific questions that are posed in this document. Such long-term planning has already proved its worth in the Horizon 2000 (1984) and Horizon 2000 Plus (1994-1995) plans. They enabled Europe’s scientific, technological and industrial teams to commit themselves with confidence to the many years of hard work that it takes to conceive and execute space projects of world-beating quality. In that highly successful tradition, Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 aims at furthering Europe’s achievements in space science for the benefit of all mankind.The plan is based on a massive response by the scientific community to ESA’s call for themes, issued in April 2004. A total of 151 novel ideas (listed in Annex 2) were submitted, more than twice as many as for the equivalent exercise in 1984.
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