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Baker A. The Birds of Gwent

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Baker A. The Birds of Gwent
London: Bloomsbury, 2010. — 448 p. — ISBN-13: 9780713676334.
Series: Helm County Avifauna.
The County Avifauna series provides detailed information on the range and status of bird species at county level. Areas covered so far include Norfolk, Suffolk, Dorset, the Shetland Islands and the Isles of Scilly, with "The Birds of Essex" in press. Each title includes a breakdown of rarity records, and there are introductory sections describing the area's ecology, climate, ornithological history and conservation record, as well as a gazeteer of the best sites to visit.
Gwent contains a wide range of habitats in a relatively small area, including estuarine wetland in the
south, valleys in the west, and uplands in the north, with heavily wooded areas in the Usk and Wye valleys. Major sites include the Newport Wetlands, which attracts visitors from throughout Wales and the west of England to its wet grassland, saline lagoons and freshwater reedbeds. Other important sites include Peterstone Wentlooge.
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