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Boas Mary L. Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences

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Boas Mary L. Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences
3rd ed. — Wiley, 2005. — 864 p.
Now in its third edition, Mathematical Concepts in the Physical Sciences provides a comprehensive introduction to the areas of mathematical physics. It combines all the essential math concepts into one compact, clearly written reference.
This book is particularly intended for the student with a year (or a year and a half) of calculus who wants to develop, in a short time, a basic competence in each of the many areas of mathematics needed in junior to senior-graduate courses in physics, chemistry, and engineering. Thus it is intended to be accessible to sophomores (or freshmen with AP calculus from high school). It may also be used effectively by a more advanced student to review half-forgotten topics or learn new ones, either by independent study or in a class. Although the book was written especially for students of the physical sciences, students in any field (say mathematics or mathematics for teaching) may find it useful to survey many topics or to obtain some knowledge of areas they do not have time to study in depth. Since theorems are stated carefully, such students should not need to unlearn anything in their later work.
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