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Westwater R., Furht B. Real-Time Video Compression. Techniques and Algorithms

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Westwater R., Furht B. Real-Time Video Compression. Techniques and Algorithms
Kluwer, 1997. — 172 p.
This book is on real-time video compression. Specifically, the book introduces the XYZ video compression technique, that operates in three dimensions, eliminating the overhead of motion estimation. First, video compression standards, MPEG and H.261/H.263, are described. They both use asymmetric compression algorithms, based on motion estimation. Their encoders are much more complex than decoders. The XYZ technique uses a symmetric algorithm, based on the Three-Dimensional Discrete Cosine Transform (3D-DCT). 3D-DCT was originally suggested forcompression about twenty years ago, however at that time the computational complexity of thealgorithm was to high, it required large buffer memory, and was not as effective as motionestimation. We have resurrected the 3D-DCT based video compression algorithm by developingseveral enhancements to the original algorithm. These enhancements made the algorithm feasible forreal-time video compression in applications such as video-on-demand, interactive multimedia, andvideoconferencing. The demonstrated results, presented in the book, suggest that the XYZ videocompression technique is not only a fast algorithm, but also provides superior compression ratios andhigh quality of the video compared to existing standard techniques, such as MPEG and H.261/H
.263.The elegance of the XYZ technique is in its simplicity, which leads to inexpensive VLSI implementation of a XYZ codec.
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