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Viana M.A.G., Richards D.St.P. (Eds.) Algebraic Methods in Statistics and Probability II

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Viana M.A.G., Richards D.St.P. (Eds.) Algebraic Methods in Statistics and Probability II
Amer Mathematical Society, 2010. — 357 p. — ISBN: 0821848917, 9780821848913
This volume is based on lectures presented at the AMS Special Session on Algebraic Methods in Statistics and Probability-held March 27-29, 2009, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign-and on contributed articles solicited for this volume. A decade after the publication of Contemporary Mathematics Vol. 287, the present volume demonstrates the consolidation of important areas, such as algebraic statistics, computational commutative algebra, and deeper aspects of graphical models. In statistics, this volume includes, among others, new results and applications in cubic regression models for mixture experiments, multidimensional Fourier regression experiments, polynomial characterizations of weakly invariant designs, toric and mixture models for the diagonal-effect in two-way contingency tables, topological methods for multivariate statistics, structural results for the Dirichlet distributions, inequalities for partial regression coefficients, graphical models for binary random variables, conditional independence and its relation to sub-determinants covariance matrices, connectivity of binary tables, kernel smoothing methods for partially ranked data, Fourier analysis over the dihedral groups, properties of square non-symmetric matrices, and Wishart distributions over symmetric cones. In probability, this volume includes new results related to discrete-time semi Markov processes, weak convergence of convolution products in semigroups, Markov bases for directed random graph models, functional analysis in Hardy spaces, and the Hewitt-Savage zero-one law.
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