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Cabot D., Nisbet I. Terns

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Cabot D., Nisbet I. Terns
London, HarperCollins, 2013. - 461 p.
This book in the respected New Naturalist series is the first book on the natural history of terns to be published since 1934.
It covers in detail the five tern species that breed in Britain and Ireland; three of these (Common, Roseate and Arctic Terns) also breed in North America and the other two (Little and Sandwich Terns) have close relatives here. There are also four chapters on terns of the world; single chapters on history, conservation, passage migrants and vagrants; appendices on demography and research; and a bibliography of more than 500 references. It is lavishly illustrated with color photographs, many of which depict key aspects of behavior.
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