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Debrett John. Baronetage of England. Vol. 2

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Debrett John. Baronetage of England. Vol. 2
Publisher F. C. and J. Rivington [etc.], 1824. — 857 p.
Baronets, as distinct from barons, are neither members of the peerage nor of the knightage (these titles are conferred by The Crown for life only). They constitute an entirely separate dignity of their own, the Baronetage. As holders of a hereditary dignity, their place in the table of general precedence is below the sons of Lords of Appeal in Ordinary (judges who are always barons) and above Knights of the Garter. In the past 'Bart' was the favoured abbreviation to follow the name of a baronet on an envelope, or on a list of names, and this may still be used if desired. However, 'Bt' is now more commonly used. . .
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