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Kalshabayeva B.K. Central Asian Kazakhs: historical-ethnographic research

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Kalshabayeva B.K. Central Asian Kazakhs: historical-ethnographic research
Almaty: Arys, 2014. — 216 pp. — ISBN 978-601-291-254.
The integration of Kazakhstan territory into the international community and formation of it’s national idea makes ethnic history issues, keeping the traditional culture of our kinsmen abroad one of the major historical events of this period. At present time the practical needs and scientific interests of our societies to the role had been playing by ethnic and cultural processes in the region of Central Asia has driven the interest of researchers to this historical phenomenon. Unfortunately, the problem of Kazakhstan’s connection and ties with Kazakh people abroad still hasn’t become the subject of all-comprehensive, deep research. Historical research of this phenomenon is also important for the reconstruction of cultural heritage, moral and spiritual development of society.

Ethnic history of the Kazakhs in Central Asia

Administrative-regional historical division of Central Asia.
Formation and development of the Kazakh diaspora and irredentists in Central Asia.
The Kazakh diaspora developed in Central Asia during the Soviet Union.
Ethnodemography, ansectral composition and settlement of Central Asian Kazakhs
Kazakhs in Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan.
Kazakhs in Turkmenistan.
Kazakh people in Kirgizstan and other ethnic groups in Central Asia.
Growth rate of the Kazakhs in Central Asia between the 60s of the ХІХth century and 1917.
Ethno-demographic situation of the Kazakh diaspora in Central Asia during the Soviet period.
Some peciularities in traditional occupations of the Kazakhs in Central Asia
Crop farming and its peculiarities.
Cattle breeding.
Additional occupations.
Material culture
Features of national clothes.
Characteristics of food culture.
Characteristics of family traditions and customs
Similarities and differences in marriage/wedding traditions and family relations.
Some ethnographic characteristics of pregnancy and upbringing.
Funeral and post-funeral rituals and peculiarities of Kazakh people.
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