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Ngan K.N., Li H. (Eds.) Video Segmentation and Its Applications

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Ngan K.N., Li H. (Eds.) Video Segmentation and Its Applications
Springer, 2011. — 179 p.
The objective of this book is to present the latest advances in video segmentation and analysis techniques covering both theoretical approaches and real applications.This book provides an overviewof emerging new approaches to video segmentation and promising methods being developed in the computer vision and video analysis community. It not only deals with the theoretical foundations and algorithms for image/video segmentation, which includes how to extract video features, and how to segment semantic video objects, this book also provides a comprehensive description of practical applications which I believe fills a hole in the video segmentation market.
This book is expected to provide researchers and practitioners a comprehensive understanding of the start-of-the-art of video segmentation techniques and a resource for potential applications and successful practice. The principal audience of this book will be mainly composed of researchers and engineers as well as graduate students working on video segmentation in various disciplines, e.g. video analysis, computer vision, pattern recognition, image and video processing, artificial intelligence, etc.
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