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Torres L., Kunt M. (eds.) Video Coding: The Second Generation Approach

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Torres L., Kunt M. (eds.) Video Coding: The Second Generation Approach
Kluwer, 1996. — 440 p.
Second Generation image and video coding techniques are the ensemble of approaches proposing new and more efficient image representations than the conventional canonical form. As a consequence, the human visual system becomes a fundamental part of the encoding/decoding chain. More insight to distinguish between First and Second Generation can be gained if it is noticed that image and video coding is basically carried out in two steps. First, image data are converted into a sequence of messages and, second, code words are assigned to the messages. Methods of the First Generation put the emphasis on the second step, whereas methods of the Second Generation put it on the first step and use available results for the second step. As a result of including the human visual system, Second Generation can be also seen as an approach of seeing the image composed by different entities called objects. This implies that the image or sequence of images have first to be analyzed and/or segmented in order to find the entities.
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