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Bull D.R. Communicating pictures: A course in image and video coding

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Bull D.R. Communicating pictures: A course in image and video coding
Elsevier, 2014. — 533 p.
Several good books have been written on image and video compression but few have taken the holistic approach presented here. Communicating Pictures is targeted primarily at 4th (Senior) year and Masters courses on image and/or video compression or coding. I have tried to balance theory with practice, so I hope it will also be of significant value to practitioners and those wishing to update their skills in industry. In Communicating Pictures I have tried to place the topic in an application framework while also providing some historical context which I hope the reader will find interesting. The book is intended to provide sufficient mathematical background to enable a proper understanding of the material, but without detracting from the design and implementation challenges that are faced. The linkage between coding and assessment methods and our understanding of visual perception is also a key and is emphasized throughout. An algorithmic approach is adopted where appropriate, to capture the essence of the methods presented. While I have, on the whole, kept algorithmic developments independent of specific standards, I have used current standards (H.264/AVC and HEVC) as a reference where appropriate, especially in the context of hybrid motion compensated, block-based compression.
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