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Nicholson Kate, Pilard Georges (Editors). Pardon My French!

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Nicholson Kate, Pilard Georges (Editors). Pardon My French!
Chambers, 2009. — 404 pages. — ISBN 978 0550 10536 3
Perennially popular, this unabashed and saucy dictionary of colloquial and vulgar French language is a must for anyone who wants to take their French out of the classroom and onto the street. Part of the new bilingual range from Chambers, the definitions are bang up-to-date with the latest idioms and insults. "Pardon My French!" will equip you to parler like a native and take no merde.
More than just a dictionary, Pardon My French! is enriched with nuggets of linguistic and cultural information that make it a pleasure to browse. The thematic panels from the previous edition have been enlarged and updated, and several more have been added, exploring slang-rich fields such as alcohol/alcool, body parts/parties du corps and seduction/séduction. Other panels focus on particular types of slang, for example Australian slang, insults/insultes, tabloid speak, argot des banlieues, verlan. In addition, hundreds of usage notes throughout the text give more background
on items that require more than a simple translation:
* explanation of the subtleties of racist and homophobic terms [fag, Paki, weegie, bouseux, Rital, tantouze]
* interesting etymologies [bunny boiler, Delhi belly, muffin top, bébert, neuf-trois, jacky]
* information on typical gestures [to give sb the finger, talk to the hand]
* productive prefixes and suffixes [-a-go-go, fest, -aille, -ard, -ouse]
* explanations of set phrases that are hard to translate [beam me up Scotty!, to have a blonde moment, faire avancer le schmilblick]
* cultural items that need fuller explanation [Chelsea tractor, Croydon
facelift, soccer mom, trainspotter, beauf, jacky].
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