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Ishikawa H. Social Big Data Mining

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Ishikawa H. Social Big Data Mining
CRC Press, 2015. — 200 p. — ISBN 149871093X, 9781498710930
This book focuses on the basic concepts and the related technologies of data mining for social medial. Topics include: big data and social data, data mining for making a hypothesis, multivariate analysis for verifying the hypothesis, web mining and media mining, natural language processing, social big data applications, and scalability. It explains analytical techniques such as modeling, data mining, and multivariate analysis for social big data. This book is different from other similar books in that presents the overall picture of social big data from fundamental concepts to applications while standing on academic bases.
Social Media
Big Data and Social Data
Hypotheses in the Era of Big Data
Social Big Data Applications
Basic Concepts in Data Mining
Association Rule Mining
Web Structure Mining
Web Content Mining
Web Access Log Mining, Information Extraction, and Deep Web Mining
Media Mining
Scalability and Outlier Detection
Appendix I: Capabilities and Expertise Required for Data Scientists in the Age of Big Data
Appendix II: Remarks on Relationships Among Structure-, Content-, and Access Log Mining Techniques
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