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Briand D., Yeatman E., Roundy S. (ed.) Micro Energy Harvesting

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Briand D., Yeatman E., Roundy S. (ed.) Micro Energy Harvesting
John Wiley & Sons, 2015. — 490 р.
With its inclusion of the fundamentals, systems and applications, this reference provides readers with the basics of micro energy conversion along with expert knowledge on system electronics and real-life microdevices.
The authors address different aspects of energy harvesting at the micro scale with a focus on miniaturized and microfabricated devices. Along the way they provide an overview of the field by compiling knowledge on the design, materials development, device realization and aspects of system integration, covering emerging technologies, as well as applications in power management, energy storage, medicine and low-power system electronics. In addition, they survey the energy harvesting principles based on chemical, thermal, mechanical, as well as hybrid and nanotechnology approaches.
In unparalleled detail this volume presents the complete picture – and a peek into the future – of micro-powered microsystems.
Introduction to micro energy harvesting;
Fundamentals of mechanics and dynamics;
Electromechanical transducers;
Thermal fundamentals;
Power conditioning for energy harvesting – theory and architecture;
Thermoelectric materials for energy harvesting;
Piezoelectric materials for energy harvesting;
Electrostatic/electret-based harvesters;
Electrodynamic vibrational energy harvesting;
Piezoelectric MEMS energy harvesters;
Vibration energy harvesting from wideband and time-varying frequencies;
Micro thermoelectric generators;
Micromachined acoustic energy harvesters;
Energy Harvesting from fluid flows;
Far-field RF energy transfer and harvesting;
Microfabricated microbial fuel cells;
Micro photovoltaic module energy harvesting;
Power conditioning for energy harvesting – case studies and commercial products;
Micro energy storage: considerations;
Thermoelectric energy harvesting in aircraft;
Powering pacemakers with heartbeat vibrations;
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