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Tesson Jean. Learn French - French Verbs & French Vocabulary

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Tesson Jean. Learn French - French Verbs & French Vocabulary
Bomal Edition. 2015. 28 pages.
Would you like to be able to speak French? Have you always dreamed of visiting Paris, Cannes, Montreal, or the French-speaking Caribbean islands?
If so, then Learn French: The Ultimate Crash Course to Learn the Basics of French in No Time is the book for you!
Learn French is available for Download Now.
Wouldn't you like to:
* Learn Common French Greetings?
* Discover The Three Essential Verbs?
* Find Out How to Ask Questions in French?
* Know How to Speak with Native French Speakers?
This amazing book also teaches you about French grammar. It explains how to use French pronouns correctly, which common verbs to use in everyday speech, and how to understand the French numbering system.
Learning the Ropes on Pronouns
The Three Essential Verbs
Learning to Ask Questions
Greetings and Salutations
Possessive pronouns
Using Numbers in French
Verbs which are Useful in Day to Day Life
Speaking with Native Speakers Conclusion
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