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Ammari H. (Ed.) Mathematical Modeling in Biomedical Imaging II: Optical, Ultrasound, and Opto-Acoustic Tomographies

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Ammari H. (Ed.) Mathematical Modeling in Biomedical Imaging II: Optical, Ultrasound, and Opto-Acoustic Tomographies
Springer. 2012. - 173 p.
The aim of this volume is to report recent mathematical and computational advances in optical, ultrasound, and photo-acoustic (also called opto-acoustic) tomographies. The volume outlines the state-of-the-art and future directions in optical and ultrasound imaging. It provides some of the most recent mathematical and computational tools in these fields. It is particularly suitable for researchers and graduate students in applied mathematics and in biomedical engineering.
Ultrasound imaging is based on the detection of mechanical properties (acoustic impedance) in biological soft tissues. It can provide good spatial resolution because of its millimetric wavelength and weak scattering at MHz frequencies. However, soft-tissue contrast is relatively poor. Optical tomography is a biomedical imaging modality that uses scattered light as a probe of structural variations in the optical properties of tissue. Optical imaging is very sensitive to optical absorption but can only provide a spatial resolution on the order of 1 cm at cm depths. Photo-acoustic imaging is a promising new biomedical imaging modality. It combines both optical and ultrasound approaches to provide images of optical contrasts (based on the optical absorption) with ultrasonic resolution. The objective of the volume is fourfold: (i) to discuss models for light propagation and present fast algorithms for solving the radiative transfer equation; (ii) to provide efficient weighted-migration algorithms for detecting acoustic anomalies and to investigate the coherent interferometric imaging strategy in the acoustic wave propagation regime relevant for biomedical applications; (iii) to explain some experimental setups and survey mathematical inversion techniques in photo-acoustic tomography; (iv) to compensate the effect of acoustic attenuation in purely acoustic as well as photo-acoustic imaging.
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