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Lyon J.G. (ed.) GIS for Water Resource and Watershed Management

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Lyon J.G. (ed.) GIS for Water Resource and Watershed Management
Taylor & Francis, 2003. — 299 p.
The chapter authors and the Editor are pleased to bring you this volume of outstanding contributions to water resources research. These authors and others have pioneered and developed viable applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and continue to do so. As a result, the current state of water resources and watershed modeling has been advanced by the use of GIS and allied technologies (Maidment and Djokic, 2000). This volume reports their accomplishments and shares their insight with others who may find these contributions valuable to their own work.
The chapters presented here demonstrate a number of practical applications of theory and applications of GIS technologies to solving real-world problems. Some outstanding authors have contributed. They wish to showcase their high quality efforts, and share their knowledge and experience with other professionals. The result is an informative and practical book that will be enjoyed for years to come.
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