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Kennedy M. The Global Positioning System and GIS. Second edition

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Kennedy M. The Global Positioning System and GIS. Second edition
Taylor & Francis. 2002. - 384 p.
After 15 or 20 years in which very few textbooks were written about GIS and related technologies there is now a veritable flood of new GIS books coming into print. Why is this one especially valuable?
First, because it couples GPS/GIS in an especially intimate way. Michael’s intention in writing was to make it possible for readers working alone or for students in a formal course to learn how to use GPS/GIS hands on; to walk away from this textbook ready to go into the field and start using Trimble Navigation’s GeoExplorer and ESRI’s ArcInfo and Arc View software to collect GPS field data and enter it into a GIS for immediate use. Besides providing step-by-step instructions on how to do this, he provides appropriate background information in the form of theoretical discussions of the two technologies and examples of their use. He writes in an easy style, explaining the needed technical and scientific principles as he goes, and assuming little in the way of necessary prior instruction. Instructors will find the text especially useful because Michael provides the kinds of detailed procedures and hints that help to make lab work bullet proof even for the inexperienced student. An accompanying CD-ROM has data which are likely to be useful in various ways to teacher and student alike.
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