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AtkinsonP., Martin D. (Eds.) GIS and GeoComputation

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AtkinsonP., Martin D. (Eds.) GIS and GeoComputation
London: Taylor & Francis, 2000. - 289 p.
This volume is the seventh in a series based on the GIS Research UK (GISRUK) Conference Series. The original titles in the series reflected well the diversity of contributions to the GISRUK conferences, and of GIS research more generally. Over the seven years of its existence, GISRUK has seen an enormous amount of change in GIS research and publication, with areas which were initially represented by one or two pioneering papers now reflected in entire sessions and even in separate conferences. Last year’s volume represented something of a shift in focus for the Innovations series, being more of a thematic volume dealing specifically with the integration of information infrastructures with geographic information technology. GISRUK ’99 was characterised by lively debate about the relationship between GIS research and the emerging field of GeoComputation, and in this volume the thematic focus is continued as we have selected a range of papers which are all concerned in some way with computational issues in GIS.
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